Crypto Shit Shower

Crypto Shit Shower
NFT crap that exposes crypto shit

Non Fungible Tokens of intelligence primarily published by people who have been a party to bad crypto business and want to get credits for showing off their shit head movements.

Here you can flush your good and bad crypto commerce experiences and help the community increase wealth by keeping finances away from bad businesses and schemes.

Our community will add ethical shape and form to how the industry interfaces with souls through exercising self-wareness and discipline.

We will elevate our comprehension of the psychology behind the market, and narrative maker and exploit opportunity collect and keep credits.

You may of lost your crypto or mind trying to figure what, where, how and why whatever but your story and industry related intelligence sells to those who wish to support safety through awareness. Package up your screen shots (without private keys or pass words) of profits made or capital lost through trades, interacting with scam sites or whatever crypto you want to blog about packaged as an NFT.

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