Help us reach our first Year Milestone

Within our first 360 degree cycle we will

  • Build the infrastructure of the Soulciety ecosystem by developing all website platforms business services that adds value to its member’s self-worth.
  • Register foundation corporations, file 501c, trademarks, and all legal
  • Launch business services, continue to test and refine credit coupon token system against live results
  • Explore, discover attract business partners, board of directors and all company personal positions that require to be filled.
  • more than 9 million paid memberships combined across all platforms and ecosystem.
  • Generate enough income to finance our developmental goals for the next 7 years.
  • Have all major internet platforms developed and servicing the ecosystem tested and bug free.
  • Obtain core principle company team mates to support the company’s operation at the executive level and in the technology development section.
  • Establish head office admiration operational work environment.
  • Review Progress outline areas of concern, make plans to remedy them as part of year 2,3 goals.

Growth Journal 

  Here is where I share my daily growth journal. and task management insights.

Title Date Start Time Finish Time Author Thumbnail Description
Updated website log in issueaugust 31 2021 11:0011:00Chris

web developer resolved log in issue and 404 error page

Log in error update requestAugust 30 2021 10:0010:00Chris

sent request to web developer to resolve 404 error message page that appears when you log in to site

Anti-Ai flag postAugust 26 2021 09:0011:00Chris

Created and posted Anti-ai flag info post to

Created fireban post blogAugust 25 10:0003:00Chris

Created firban blog and post published it to

corresponded with Web developerAugust 23 2021 12:0012:05Chris

I received a reply and corresponded with our web developer regarding developing a chat, texting sharing application like Whatsapp

New HeadItchy entry IndividualAugust 23 2021 11:0011:50Chris

Updated HeadItchy database entered a new decoded word " Individual" including create image post on Canva

New HeadItchy “Free Spirit”August 23 2021 09:0010:00Chris

I entered a new HeadItchy decoded the words " Free Spirit" including created a image post in Canva

New HeadItchy Entry “Spokesman”August 22 2021 10:0010:30Chris

I entered a new word into the headitchy database "Spokesman"

Maintained EmailsAugust 22 2021 08:0008:55Chris

Visited email address , filtered replied and responded to emails.

Managed facebook post

logged onto my facebook and managed timeline post

upgraded emails

logged into email addresses and folders and messages

Update FacebookAugust 20 2021 11:1112:00Chris

Updated facebook pages and managed post replies

Managed emailsAugust 20 2021 09:0009:10Chris

Daily email management including reply

updated Business planAugust 19 2021 09:3011:00Chris

Continued working on updating business plan whitepaper

Managed emails

Maintained and managed emails including replying deleting messages

Managed emails

Maintained email addresses including replying and deleting emails

Updated Business plan whitepaperAugust 18 2021 09:0010:00Chris

Worked on editing and updating my business plan whitepaper

Replied to Nigerian email marketingAugust 17 2021 01:0001:20Chris

replied to a follow up email about email marketing campaign in Nigeria

Social media updateAugust 17 2021 10:2012:00Chris

Replied to facebook message post to my timeline

Reported site interruptionAugust 16 2021 12:3001:21Chris

While maintaining emails I received an error message from site is not reachable. I visited the website and the site would not connect. I sent and email out to hosting company, called hosting company. resolved issue

Updated emails

Visited and updated all emails folders including replying and sending emails.

Downloaded post from facebookAugust 16 2021 12:0001:00Chris

Downloaded post videos, images content from facebook

Harvested Red CloverAugust 13 2021 03:3004:10Chris

Harvested red clover flower tops for healing products line

Updated php settingsAugust 13 2021 13:4613:49Chris

Updated php settings for

Secure webmailAugust 13 2021 13:2013:25Chris

Secured webmail ssl certificate for

Updated SSL securityAugust 13 2021 12:4512:50Chris

Updated ssl security settings for,, SSL certificateAugust 13 2021 12:1012:15Chris

Reissued a SSL certificate for SSL certificateAugust 13 11:4011:43Chris

Reissued a ssl certificate for domain

Hosting service requestAugust 10 202103:0003:15Chris

I encountered a 404 error when attempting to log on to Metucoin .org also when trying to update headitchy I also received a critical system error message and site cannot be found message. I emailed my hosting provider.

Updated headItchyAugust 10 202110:0011:00Chris

I updated Headitchy with a new word entry 0 > Collatze Conjecture

Sent payment to web designerAugust 9 202101:5201:57Chris

I sent a paypal payment to our website designer for updating the website with the growth journal template

Create test journal entryAugust 9 202101:4001:46Chris

I created a test journal entry and was pleased with the results of the new page function and appearance

Review NotificationAugust 9 202101:3601:38Chris

Reviewed message from web developer indicating the goals Journal template was created and ready for review.