Help us reach our first Year Milestone

Within our first 360 degree cycle we will

  • Build the infrastructure of the Soulciety ecosystem by developing all website platforms business services that adds value to its member’s self-worth.
  • Register foundation corporations, file 501c, trademarks, and all legal
  • Launch business services, continue to test and refine credit coupon token system against live results
  • Explore, discover attract business partners, board of directors and all company personal positions that require to be filled.
  • more than 9 million paid memberships combined across all platforms and ecosystem.
  • Generate enough income to finance our developmental goals for the next 7 years.
  • Have all major internet platforms developed and servicing the ecosystem tested and bug free.
  • Obtain core principle company team mates to support the company’s operation at the executive level and in the technology development section.
  • Establish head office admiration operational work environment.
  • Review Progress outline areas of concern, make plans to remedy them as part of year 2,3 goals.
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