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Linguistic ore processing and refinery project where we unlock, decode and redefine words, phrases, symbols, bible/religious versus scripture, poetry, Idioms, numerology, morals metaphor allegory used in our languages. Members can search for and upload data open source higher meaning database.

·      TellTab  - OWN SELF VOICE EXPRESSION   Mission: Telltab mission is to give souls the network to build a soulciety procure self-ownership cultivate self-expression, harvest happy high vibrations keeping the mind body and soul in whole.



I Denounce Satan Evil works can no longer hide INsight Mission: to explore and discover how evil works and expose the

knowledge. Assisting persons in severing bonds ties curses generational contract and karmic debt to the forces of disagreement.



ZoomDaBoom is a global cannabis industry products, services locator and retrieval portal created into commercial being to deliver the ethical source of legal access to the most-high quality selection of Indica and Sativa species, byproducts, accessories and services to the consumer forthwith safely.

Flingcom -Get Fetched is. freshly launched website that gives heterosexuals the private network to broadcast their desires for intimacy to other members ready to tune into ideal frequencies and fetch consensual opportunity for pleasure and entertainment.

SCANASD - Mission: Emancipate mental and spiritual frequency control.  Define Neurological Abnormality Spectrum Disorders as a spiritual disorientation that triggers mental to disassociate with the solar system causing sensory perception hyperactivity. Explore and discover causations, preventative measures, facilitate Counselling therapies, education, develop and distribute technologies to reverse damage and sustain a higher vibrational Electromagnetic field.